Groundbreaking Partnership Unveiled: IAFSW and KOFAC Revolutionize Education in Thailand!

June 1, 2023

On May 25, 2023, we witnessed an extraordinary milestone in the world of education. The International Association for the Future STEM Workforce (IAFSW) executives had an opportunity to meet with the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity (KOFAC) executives. Together, they embarked on a transformative journey towards sustainable education development in Thailand.

Held at the prestigious KOFAC headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, this meeting was more than just a gathering of minds. It was a pivotal moment that brought together visionaries from both organizations, united by a common purpose. Their shared objective? To create alliances and foster cooperation between IAFSW and KOFAC, ultimately fortifying the education system in Thailand.

During this momentous occasion, the IAFSW executives presented a plethora of groundbreaking ideas and projects aimed at revolutionizing education in Thailand. Their focus on leveraging technology and fostering innovation perfectly aligned with KOFAC's mission to advance science and creativity in both the public and private sectors.

The response from the KOFAC executives was overwhelming. Not only did they express genuine interest in the proposed ideas and projects, but they also showcased their unwavering commitment by pledging financial and cooperative support. This dynamic collaboration sets the stage for impactful change and promises to make a lasting impact on education in Thailand.

With a resolute dedication to educational development, the IAFSW and KOFAC executives are poised to work hand in hand, pushing the boundaries of innovation and promoting a world-class learning experience in Thailand. By aligning with international standards in science and technology, they are laying the foundation for a brighter future, empowering the next generation of STEM leaders.

As we eagerly anticipate the next steps in this transformative journey, stay tuned for more updates. Together, we are forging a path towards a brighter and more sustainable future for education in Thailand!