STEM Force Association Engages in Conference on Education and Environmental Development

July 18, 2023

On July 18, 2023, the STEM Force Association had the opportunity to participate in a conference where they presented a project related to education and environmental development. This gathering saw the collaboration of the association with Mr. Khon Klindoi, Deputy Secretary-General of the Board of Investment (BOI), and relevant officials. The conference aimed to highlight the importance and response to investment in education and environmental initiatives that hold significant value for the BOI, promoting and supporting the involvement of entrepreneurs in community and societal development across Thailand.

During this conference, the STEM Force Association introduced a project that aligns with BOI's investment promotion measures. The project aimed to engage entrepreneurs in community and societal development within their invested areas, with a particular focus on education and the environment. This initiative could potentially create educational opportunities and skill development for youth and residents in the invested areas, while also enhancing the environmental conditions for the benefit of local communities and ecosystems. By presenting projects that have a positive impact on both career development and the environment before making investments, BOI can efficiently and genuinely support and promote these initiatives in line with the needs of the respective communities and societies.

The successful presentation and discussions on the project allowed the STEM Force Association to strengthen its ability to advise and promote relevant investments in the fields of education and the environment within Thai society comprehensively and reliably. Furthermore, this facilitated a meaningful connection between the STEM Force Association, BOI, and other related agencies, which could lead to increased understanding and appreciation for the responsible and sustainable development of education and environmental initiatives in Thailand, benefiting the communities and society in the future.