STEM Workforce Invited to Observe Digital Competency Development Training for Educators

July 22, 2023

On July 22, 2023, The International Association for the Future STEM Workforce (IAFSW) was invited to participate in an observation and training session aimed at developing digital competencies for educators. The event was organized by the Human Capital Excellence Center (HCEC) and took place at the Cholchan Pattaya Beach Resort.

During the training, representatives from IAFSW had the opportunity to present educational media to the management team of the Human Capital Excellence Management Center (HCEMC), including Dr. Atita Panya, the center's director, and Mr. Phutthachart Thongkorn, the deputy director, along with teachers and other relevant individuals. The main goal of the presentation was to provide insights and effective strategies on utilizing media for learning in schools, especially for educational leaders. The intention was to equip educators with the necessary digital skills and knowledge required to enhance the learning experiences of students in today's digital era.

The significance of this activity goes beyond merely strengthening the digital skills of teachers. It also serves as a valuable opportunity for collaboration between IAFSW and HCEMC, fostering potential long-term partnerships that could result in improved learning outcomes for students in the future. The knowledge shared during this session is expected to have a positive and lasting impact in the upcoming academic terms, and it paves the way for further cooperation to disseminate knowledge and build essential skills for teachers and students in a rapidly evolving digital society.